Meva created the lovely Penny set. You can find this set at The Epiphany.  There are 6 commons in the set and 3 rares. The top, pants and hat are the rares in this gacha set. The Epiphany started at July 15th and will end August 15.

Izzie’s created the great Metallic Lunar Tattoo. You can wear the  applier on your body, hands and feet. The appliers are for Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, Belleza and Omega Body . There is also a layer for the classic body. This release is exclusively for The Seasons Story.  from July 10th – to July 31th.

Ckey Poses created a beautiful couple pose called Lift me up. It’s a couple static pose with a pose pad with a menu. This menu is perfect for adjusting your pose and it’s easy to use.

senz 50

Meva – Penny gacha set @ The Epiphany / The Epiphany – Off Sim Shopping

Izzie’s – Metallic Lunar Tattoo @ The Seasons Story

Ckey Poses – Lift me up @ Marketplace Store

Location -~ SenZ ~ @ Landmark



Milou the child in the middle is wearing great Wasabi Pills hair called Sienna. This hairstyle is no modify. You can find this hairstyle at the brunette sim of the hair fair. The hair fair starts at July 1th and will end July 16. All earnings go straight to the charity Wigs For Kids.

Chloe the toddler on the left, is wearing the cute Wasabi Pills hair called Jelly. This hairstyle is modify. That means that you can move the hair and resize it with the extended color hud.  You can find this release at The Chaptor Four from July 4 till August 1

Julia the toddler on the right, is wearing the lovely Wasabi Pills hair called Mango. This hairstyle is modify. That means that you can move the hair and resize it with the extended color hud. This release is for the Seasons Story from July 10th – to July 31th.

Chez Moi created the Laundry Dry. The laundry dry has 1 hanging clothes animation, 30 couple and 52 adult poses. Like every release you can adjust all the poses. The props in the laundry are automatic rezzing when you choose the animation. You can find this release at the Ultra event from July 15 and will end August 16.

P.o.s.e created the cute toddleedoo pose called sisterlove. This pose is made for the toddleedoo baby and is easy to use because you can edit it. You can find this pose at marketplace.

P.o.s.e created the tough toddleedoo pose called soccer. This pose is also made for the toddleedoo baby. The soccerball is included with the pose. You can find this pose also at marketplace.

Laundry Dry

Wasabi – Sienna @ Hair Fair 2017

Wasabi – Jelly @ The Chapter Four

Wasabi – Mango @ The Seasons Story

Chez Moi – Laundry Dry @ Ultra Event

P.o.s.e – Sisterlove @ Marketplace Store

P.o.s.e – Soccer @ Marketplace Store