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Exile created the Santa Baby Dress. You can buy this dress in 4 different packs with 3 colors in each pak. You can wear this dress with the Maitreya, Slink Physique and the Slink Hourglass body. You can find this dress at the Exile mainstore.

Exile also created lovely hair called weekender. You can wear this hair alone but it also fits into the santa baby hooded dress. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. If you don’t like the bento version you can also wear the static version. This hairstyle is also available at the Exile mainstore

Chez Moi created the beautiful Grace Arbor Seat. It comes with 68 animations in PG version and 128 animations in Adult version.  When you add the texture changing hud, you can change the color of the wood, background, and pillows. You can also choose for show or not to show the snow on the roof. This release is exclusive for Shiny Shabby Event from December 20th – January 15th

_Chez Moi - Grace Arbor Seat

Exile – Santa Baby Dress @ Exile mainstore

Exile – Weekender @ Exile mainstore

Chez Moi – Grace Arbor Seat @ Shiny Shabby


Salt & Pepper & Entwined

Salt & Pepper created a sexy and beautiful gown called Anouk. You can wear this gown with the Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Belleza and Freya body. You can buy this gown in 9 different colors. This release is for the Mesh Body Addicts from August 1th – August 21th

Entwined created lovely hair called Sophie. This hairstyle has a rigged and an unrigged version. The unrigged version is modify. That means that you can move the hair and resize it. The hairstyle comes with a hud where you can change the color of the hair in 8 different colors. Shiny Shabby started at July 20th and will end August 15th

Shall we dance

Salt & Pepper – Anouk @ Mesh Body Addicts (MBA) 

Entwined  – Sophie @ Shiny Shabby


Wetcat created the ”Somber” Cigarette pose set. It’s a single female pose, It included different size tall, curvy and as well mirror pose. This release is exclusively for Somber from June 13th – to July 6th.

Meva created the June set for Shiny Shabby. There are 12 commons in the set and 3 rares. The black color of the June set is the rare in this gacha set. Shiny Shabby started at June 20th and will end July 15.


Wetcat – ”Somber” Cigarette pose set @ Somber

Meva – June @ Shiny Shabby


Wetcat created a sexy female pose set with a hat. The hat is included as a prop with the pose. There is also a changing color menu when you click on the hat. This release is exclusively for Tropical Summer 2017 from June 2th – to June 16th.

Meva created the lovely gacha Camue set. You can find this set at Shiny Shabby.  There are 6 commons in the set and one rare. The necklace is the rare in this gacha set. Shiny Shabby started at May 20th and will end June 15.

Exile created beautiful hair called Palace. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. If you don’t like the bento version you can also wear the static version. You can find this release at the Exile mainstore.

Izzie’s created waterdrop appliers for body and head. The body and head applier works for the Maitreya, Slink ,Belleza, WowMeh, Lolas Tango and Phat Azz mesh body. When you have Catwa or LOGO / Omega mesh head then you need to buy a separate add-on. You can find these appliers in the izzie’s mainstore.


Wetcat – Summer Sun @ Tropical Summer 2017

Meva – Camue gacha set @ Shiny Shabby

Exile – Palace @ Exile mainstore

Izzie’s – Waterdrops applier @  Izzie’s mainstore


Exile @ Meva

Exile created two beautiful hairstyles. Xsendra, on the left, is wearing the hairstyle new in the mainstore and is called Breakeven. Quistis, on the right, is wearing the hairstyle called Not Today. This hairstyle you can also find at the Exile mainstore. The hairstyles are no modify but each color has an extended color hud.

Meva created lovely Boho Bento rings for the Shiny Shabby event. Xsendra is wearing these Bento rings. The rings come with a hud of which you can change the colors. There is also a option in the hud that you can hide rings if you prefer that. Shiny Shabby is from April 20th – to May 15th.

Meva created also wonderful nails for the Tres Chic event. Quistis is wearing these nails. You can change the nails with a hud in 18 different nails colors and there are 6 metal colors in the hud. The Tres Chic event is opened from April 17th – to May 6th.

foto 5000

Xsendra: Breakeven – Exile @ Exile mainstore

Xsendra: Boho bento rings – Meva @ Shiny Shabby

Quistis: Not Today – Exile @ Exile mainstore

Quistis: Bento rings – Meva @ Tres Chic