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PosEd Poses is a new pose store and created a sensual couple pose called Pure Desire. You can adjust all poses on the pose stand. You can find this release and more inworld and on marketplace.

Riot created the Richard boxer briefs. You can wear these boxer briefs with the Belleza, Signature, Slink and Adam mesh body.  This release is available in 30 individual colors. You can change the colors of the  hems ,waistband and the seam around the groin of the boxer briefs. This release is for TMD from October 5th – Ocotber 31th.

Pure Desire

PosEd Poses – Pure Desire @ PosEd mainstore / marketplace

Riot – Richard Boxer Briefs @ TMD




Emozione created a beautiful couple pose called In My Dreams. It’s a sweet and tender pose. You can unlink the pose so you can edit it. If you like to buy this pose you can find it at marketplace.

LC created a custom tattoo of a scorpio that I requested for my hushand. I’m really happy with the result. Thank you so much Leonie Cisse. For a custom tattoo you can always send her an IM to discuss the opportunities. Normally she made beautiful women tattoo’s. The tattoo appliers are made  for omega and the maitreya. When you a tattoo lover you need to take a look at her inworld store or marketplace.


Emozione – In My Dreams @ Marketplace Store 

L.c tattoo @ L.c mainstore / marketplace store


Salt & Pepper created the sexy strapped gacha set. There are 25 commons in the set and 4 rares. The black colors are the rares in this gacha set. You can wear this set with the maitreya Lara, slink Hourglass, Belleza and Freya body.  Romp started at August 11th and will end August 25.

Wasabi Pills created short hair called Jen. This hairstyle is modify. That means that you can move the hair and resize it with the extended color hud.  You can find this release at Rewind from August 10 till September 10

Tabou created a sexy boxer and shirt with ties called Romeo. The boxer comes with a hud where you change the boxer in 6 different versions. You can wear the tie in two different styles and change the color in black and grey.  You need to buy the boxer and shirt with ties separately. You can only wear this set with the Signature mesh body.  This release is for Romp from August 11th – August 25th.

Salt & Pepper strapped

Salt & Pepper – Strapped gacha set @ Romp

Wasabi Pills – Jen @ Rewind

Tabou – Romeo @ Romp


Izzie’s created awesome sunglasses called Splish Splash Wet. The sunglasses are modify so you can change the size. With the hud you can change the colors of the frame and glasses. There is also a texture change option so you can wear the glasses wet or regular.  You can find the sunglasses at the Summerfest” 17 from June 30h – to July 20th.

Izzie’s also created a beautiful Wet Body & Face applier. You can wear the  applier on your face, body, hands and feet.  The applier is created for women as well as for men. The appliers are for Slink Physique, Maitreya Lara, Belleza, Omega Body and Catwa, LeLutka Bento and LOGO/Omega mesh heads. There is also a layer for the classic body. This release is exclusively for Summerfest ”17 from June 30th – to July 20th.

Izzie created lovely earrings called Hoop. The earrings are modify so you can change the size. There also a hud where you can change the metals in 5 different colors. You can find the release at the Izzie’s mainstore.

Quistis is wearing Exile hair called Perfect Places. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. If you don’t like the bento version you can also wear the static version. You can find this release at the Summerfest” 17 from June 30th – July 20th

Edwin is wearing Exile hair called Walking the Wire. The hairstyle is no modify but each color has an extended color hud. This release is for the Summerfest” 17 from June 30th – June 20th.


Izzies’s – Splish Splash Wet Sunglasses @ Summerfest ”17

Izzie’s – Wet Body & Face applier @ Summerfest ”17

Izzie’s – Hoop earrings @ Izzie’s mainstore

Exile – Perfect Places @ Summerfest ”17

Exile – Walking the Wire @ Summerfest ”17



~GL~  created great boxershorts called Boris. There are 3 different versions of this boxershort. Dots, Stripes and a special version. You can find a hud on every version where you can change the boxershort into 4 different colors. This boxershort fits the Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza, Gianni, Slink and Tmp body. You can find this couple pose at The Grab event from June 28h – to July 24th.

Gizza created a bodysuit with head gems, leg gems and beautiful wings called Posh. There are 3 different huds where you can change the bodysuit, head and leg gems. You can wear the bodysuit with the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink body. This release is for Tres Chic from June 17th – to July 10th.

fly me Angel 3

~GL~ – Boris @ The Grab Event

Gizza – Posh @ Tres Chic