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Argrace created hair called Tsukushi. You can wear this hairstyle in 4 versions.  This hairstyle is in unrigged mesh that means that you can move and resize the hairstyle. You can buy this hairstyle in the Argrace mainstore or at marketplace.

Addams created the Piper set. The sweater and pants comes in 30 single colors. The fatpack of the crochet laced bralette for under the sweater is for free when you join the Addams group. You can also buy matching heels that you can wear in two different lengths. You can wear the Piper set with your Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Belleza Isisand the Legacy body. You can buy the Piper set at the Addams mainstore.

K&S creations created a couple pose called I just love you. This pose comes with poseballs.  When you click it again, it appears (don’t forget to turn off your hand animations to activate the bento animation). Included in the package is a notecard with information about avatar height, shoulders, torso etc. You can buy this pose in the K&S mainstore or at marketplace.

Pure 5

Argrace – Tsukushi @ Argrace mainstore / Argrace marketplace

Addams – Piper set @ Addams mainstore / Addams marketplace

Addams – Crochet laced bralette @ Addams mainstore

K&S Creations – I just love you @  K&S mainstore  /K&S Creations marketplace




Chez Moi created the Tuareg Hanging Loveseat. The PG version has single, couple and family poses. The adult version has 30 hot sex animations. Like every release you can adjust all the poses. When you click at the cushion you can change the colors of the cushions. This release is for Indie Teepie from July 21th – to August 6th.

Exile created the lovely hair called Shape of You. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. If you don’t like the bento version you can also wear the static version. You can find this release at Uber from July 25th – August 23th

Meva created the great Marlene set The rings and bangles come with a hud of which you can change the color in Silver or Gold. There is also a option in the hud that you can hide rings if you prefer that. Cosmopolitan is from July 17th – to May 29th.

Reign created the beautiful heels called Whatever. The heels are suitable for the Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh feet. There are two color changing huds. The first hud included the reign colors and the second is the blueberry color hud. You can find this heels at the Reign mainstore.


Chez Moi – Tuareg Hanging Loveseat @ Indie Teepee

Exile – Shape of You @ Uber

Meva – Marlene Set @ Cosmopolitan

Reign – Whatever Heels @ Reign mainstore 

Tetra @ Shoetopia 2017

Tetra created the Sophia Heels, exclusively for Shoetopia 2017.

The heels are suitable for the Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh feet

TETRA - Sophia Heels 100

Shoetopia opens 25 March

Sophia Heels – Tetra @ Shoetopia / Tetra mainstore