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Quistis is wearing the Salt & Pepper the interactive Zombie gacha set. Walk across the vents to get contaminated and change into a zombie. Pass by the fire hydrants to clean yourself and turn back to normal. When you click 25 times on the machine you get the zombie bellywound.  You can wear this interactive gacha set with your Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya body This release is for the Arcade from October 1th – to  31th and after the event in the Salt & Pepper mainstore.

Ro is wearing the Salt & Pepper interactive S&P Father Sanguine. Get blood splashed by colliding with the blood stoup (available separately) and clean yourself by drinking the holy water (included in outfit) You can buy this outfit in 2 colors black and brown. You can wear this outfit with your signature Gianne, Belleza Jake and Slink Physique body. This release is for TMD from October 5 till October 31 and after the event in the Salt & Pepper mainstore.

Quistis is wearing the Mina Beatriz zombie hair. Pass the vents to get contaminated and change into a zombie. Pass a fire hydrant to wash yourself and change back to normal.  This hairstyle is for the Arcade from October 1th – to  31th and after the event in the Mina mainstore.

Mouni Poses created a friends Halloween pose called scary friends. This pose comes with a diversity of props. Click on this link to see all the props that included with the pose. You can find this pose and more at marketplace.

Snapshot Halloween oktober 2018

Salt & Pepper – Zombie gacha set @  The Arcade /The Arcade 2 / Salt & pepper mainstore

Salt & Pepper – Father Sanguine @ The Arcade /The Arcade 2 / Salt & pepper mainstore

Mini – Beatriz zombie hair @   The Arcade /The Arcade 2 / Mina mainstore

Mouni Poses – Scary Friends @ Mouni Poses marketplace



Chez Moi created the outdoor Orchid Patio Set.  It can seat up to 4 people and comes with 28 animations (female and male) and 6 toddler animations. You can tap the placemat to display the food menu (breakfast, dessert and delicious meals)  When you click on the cushions you can change the texture. Like every release you can adjust all the poses. You buy this set in a PG and Adult version. This release is for Tres Chic from July 17th – to August 10th.

Chez Moi

Chez Moi – Orchid Patio Set @ Tres Chic


Wasabi created lovely hair called Oops. This hairstyle is also no modify. You can buy this hair at Rewind from February 15th till March 5th

PosEd Poses created a couple pose called Disturbing Love. The office chair is as prop included with the pose. You can adjust all the poses by clicking on the posestand. Coming soon at the mainstore and marketplace

Quistis is also wearing the Represent slasher crop sweatshirt. You can wear this sweatshirt with theSlink Original, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya, and Belleza Isis mesh bodies. You can buy this release at the Represent mainstore.

pose 1

Wasabi – Oops @ Wasabi mainstore

PosEd Poses – Disturbing Love @ PosEd mainstore / Marketplace

Represent – Slasher crop sweatshirt @ Represent mainstore


La Geeny Fashion created special promo sweaters for the charity event Serious2ndlife. Every year with a team we organize an event which lasts 8 days and nights (24/7). People can request songs for a donation. We do this for charity, for the Cancer Foundation. Linden Lab converts the Lindens into real money so we can donate it to the RL charity. You can also support the charity event by buying this exclusively female/male sweater. The promo sweater for females, suitable for classic avatars, Maitreya, Belleza, Ebody,Tmp,Tonic and Slink bodies. The male version is suitable for classic avatars, Signature, Belleza jake, Adam,Aesthetic,Narcodix David, Tmp and Slink body. All earnings go straight to the charity Serious2ndlife. You can buy these sweaters for 99 LS inworld or at marketplace. The Charity event start at November 25 and will end December 3.

K&S creations created a sweet and lovely couple pose Sweet moments of life. You can unlink the pose so you can edit it the way you like. You can find this pose at Sad November from November 11 – December 2

promo foto shirts

La Geeny Fashion – Serious2ndlife promo sweaters @ Bash / Amsterdam / marketplace

Landmark charity event – sim closed till november 25 @ Serious2ndlife sim 2017

Website charity event:

KS creations – Sweet moments of life @ Sad November


Wetcat created a sexy female & male mesh guitars pose set called play strings. Each set has 7 different poses with guitar. There are poses with a classic and electric guitar. When you click on the electric guitar you can change the guitar in 11 different colors. You can find this pose set in the Wetcat mainstore.

muscic to my heart 5

Wetcat – Play strings @ Wetcat mainstore


Wetcat created the ”Somber” Cigarette pose set. It’s a single female pose, It included different size tall, curvy and as well mirror pose. This release is exclusively for Somber from June 13th – to July 6th.

Meva created the June set for Shiny Shabby. There are 12 commons in the set and 3 rares. The black color of the June set is the rare in this gacha set. Shiny Shabby started at June 20th and will end July 15.


Wetcat – ”Somber” Cigarette pose set @ Somber

Meva – June @ Shiny Shabby