Quistis, on the left, is wearing great Wasabi Pills hair called Vivienne. This hairstyle is no modify. That means that you can not move or edit the hair. The hairstyle comes with a accessories hud where you can change the color of the hairband in 12 different textures. You can find this release at Uber from July 25th – August 23th

Angel on the right, is wearing lovely Wasabi Pills hair called Deanna. This hairstyle is also no modify. The hairstyle also comes with a accessories hud where you can change the color of the hairband in 12 different textures. This release is for FaMESHed from August 1th – to August 27th.

Blueberry created a beautiful jumpsuit called Daisy. You can wear the jumpsuit with the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink body.  The jumpsuit includes a hud where you can change the color of the ties and belt or hide the belt. There is also an option to wear the top only.  Blueberry created this in 27 different colors

Quistis & Angel compleet

Wasabi – Vivienne @ Uber

Wasabi – Deanna @ FaMESHed

Blueberry – Daisy @ Blueberry mainstore




Wasabi Pills created beautiful hair called Strawberry. The hairstyle is no modify but each color has an extended color hud. This release is for this round of FaMESHed  from June 1th – June 27th.

Meva created Bento hand piercings and cleavage Piercings in silver / gold. The hand piercings are only fitted for maitreya. You can find it at Cosmopolitan, this round is from June 5th – June 17th


Wasabi Pills – Strawberry @ FaMESHed

Meva – Bento hand piercings and cleavage piercings @  Cosmopolitan



Wetcat created a new beautiful and sensual couple pose for the Impulse pose set. The tie is included as a prop with the pose. You can resize the tie and also change the color. This release is exclusive for FaMESHed 5th Anniversary  from May 1th – to May 27th.

Addams created really sexy lingerie called Galera. The lingerie is made for the Maitreya, Belleza and Slink body. Addams created this lingerie in 42 different colors and you can find it at the mainstore

Snapshot keuken final 10

Wetcat – Impulse @ FaMESHed 5th Anniversary /Wetcat mainstore

Addams – Galera @ Addams mainstore