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Angel, on the left, is wearing beautiful Wasabi Pills hair called January. This hairstyle is no modify. That means that you cannot move or edit the hair. The hairstyle comes with an accessories hud where you can resize and change the scarf in 16 different textures. You can wear this hair also without scarf. You can find this hair at Uber from October 25th till November 23th

Quistis on the right, is wearing great Wasabi Pills hair called Harper. This hairstyle is no modify. You can buy this hairstyle at the Panic of Pumpkin event till November 4th.

Chez Moi created the whimsical Wagon Fall Decoration. This release is available in four colors Autumn (Orange), Nature (Green), Rustic (Wood) and Shabby (Light Blue). The Pumpkin White Wagon is a limited edition, there are only 100 available from this version. These Pumpkin Wagons are exclusives for the Limit8 event from October 18th to November 13th.

The background with the fence and horses is an older release from Chez Moi, called NorthMonth Farm. This set also includes the pasture wagon and the romantic hay pile.  You can find all different activities in here, single and couple poses. You can buy this release at marketplace or at the Chez Moi mainstore.

Hazeel created the lovely decoration Cart wheel autumn with lights. You can change the wheel and pumpkin in 42 different textures.

The last Hazeel decoration is this photo is the Autumn Outdoor Deco. There are 2 versions included, with and without cat.

Hazeel created also the great Autumn Pumpkin Barrel with Plant. What I love about the Hazeel decoration is that everything is modify and copy.  That means that you can customize it to your own style. You can find all these releases at marketplace or at the Hazeel mainstore.

Angel and Quistis are wearing the cool Rebel Hope jacket called Lauren. You can buy this jacket in 5 different colors. This jacket is available in 5 different mesh sizes. This jacket has a extended hud for changing the color of the inner shirt in 10 different colors. There is also an option to hide the shirt and wear the jacket only. Quistis also wears the Rebel Hope scarf that you can buy in 10 different colors. When you buy this jacket I also recommend to buy this scarf. It looks really beautiful when you wear it with the jacket.

Angel and Quistis are also wearing the cool Rebel Hope skirt, called Jess. You can buy this skirt in 10 different textures. This skirt is available in 5 different mesh sizes. You can find this release at the Rebel Hope mainstore or at marketplace.

My little ones Sem & Julia on the left use the cute toddleedoo pose from P.o.s.e. called autumn fun. The pose includes the leaves and dog. This pose is made for the toddleedoo baby and is easy to use because you can edit it.

Angel’s litte one Shauny uses the funny toddleedoo pose from P.o.s.e. called leaves. This pose has 3 animations and includes grabbing rake and leaves. This pose is also made for the toddleedoo baby and is easy to use because you can edit it.

The last P.o.s.e pose is with my other little one Chloe on the right and use the sweet toddleedoo pose called Hedgehogs. In this pose are also the leaves and the hedgehogs included.  You can find all the releases of P.o.s.e at marketplace.

Goose created a great bench called couples park bench. The bench has 8 single (female and male) and 8 couple cuddle poses. You can adjust the poses in the bench if you like. You can buy this release at Cosmopolitan, this round is from October 23th – 5th November

Herfst gaaf 2017

Wasabi Pills – January @ Uber

Wasabi Pills – Harper @ Panic of Pumpkin 

Chez Moi – Pumpkin Wagon @ Limit8 

Chez Moi – NorthMonth Farm @ Chez Moi Mainstore / Marketplace store

Hazeel – Cart wheel autumn @  Hazeel Mainstore /Marketplace store

Hazeel – Autumn Outdoor Deco @  Hazeel Mainstore /Marketplace store

Hazeel – Autumn Pumpkin Barrel @ Hazeel Mainstore /Marketplace store

Rebel Hope – Lauren @ Rebel Hope Mainstore / Marketplace store

Rebel Hope –  Jess @ Rebel Hope Mainstore / Marketplace store

P.o.s.e – Autumn fun @ Marketplace Store

P.o.s.e – Leaves @ Marketplace Store

P.o.s.e – Hedgehogs @ Marketplace Store

Goose – Couples park bench @ Cosmopolitan



Wetcat created a great pose called Beat Junkie. The decor and the headphones in this pose are included as a prop. This pose has 6 static poses and 4 animated poses. This release is for the 5th Anniversary round of Cosmopolitan that end at August 12.

Vale Koer created a cool jacket called Kellu bomber jacket. You can wear the bomber jacket with the Maitreya, Freya, Isis and Hourglass body. The bomber jacket includes a hud where you can change the color of the shirt in 40 different colors. There is also an option to wear the jacket without shirt or a longer version of the shirt. This release is available at Collabor88  from August 8th – September 6th.

music is life

Wetcat – Beat Junkie @  Cosmopolitan

Vale Koer – Kellu bomber jacket @  Collabor88



Chez Moi created the Tuareg Hanging Loveseat. The PG version has single, couple and family poses. The adult version has 30 hot sex animations. Like every release you can adjust all the poses. When you click at the cushion you can change the colors of the cushions. This release is for Indie Teepie from July 21th – to August 6th.

Exile created the lovely hair called Shape of You. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. If you don’t like the bento version you can also wear the static version. You can find this release at Uber from July 25th – August 23th

Meva created the great Marlene set The rings and bangles come with a hud of which you can change the color in Silver or Gold. There is also a option in the hud that you can hide rings if you prefer that. Cosmopolitan is from July 17th – to May 29th.

Reign created the beautiful heels called Whatever. The heels are suitable for the Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh feet. There are two color changing huds. The first hud included the reign colors and the second is the blueberry color hud. You can find this heels at the Reign mainstore.


Chez Moi – Tuareg Hanging Loveseat @ Indie Teepee

Exile – Shape of You @ Uber

Meva – Marlene Set @ Cosmopolitan

Reign – Whatever Heels @ Reign mainstore 


Wasabi Pills created beautiful hair called Strawberry. The hairstyle is no modify but each color has an extended color hud. This release is for this round of FaMESHed  from June 1th – June 27th.

Meva created Bento hand piercings and cleavage Piercings in silver / gold. The hand piercings are only fitted for maitreya. You can find it at Cosmopolitan, this round is from June 5th – June 17th


Wasabi Pills – Strawberry @ FaMESHed

Meva – Bento hand piercings and cleavage piercings @  Cosmopolitan


Exile @ Meva

Exile created wonderful hair called Feels Like Tonight.  This release is for this round of Collabor88  from April 8th – May 6th.

Meva created beautiful Bento rings, silver / gold for the Maitreya and Vista Bento hands. You can find it at Cosmopolitan, this round is from April 9th – April 23th

soft 6

Feels Like Tonight – Exile @  Collabor88

Bento rings silver / gold – Meva @ Cosmopolitan


NRage Studio Poses – I want to love you

NRage Studio Poses created the pose I want to love you. This pose is really beautiful , i need to share this one with you all. It’s a couple static pose with a menu for adjusting. This release is exclusive for Cosmopolitan from March 27th to April 8th.

I want to love you... (NRage Studio Poses!

I want to love you – NRage Studio Poses @ Cosmopolitan


CHEZ MOI created the Tree bench

It’s a romantic half-tree bench with pillow fully interactive for delightful moments.

This two (2) seater bench comes with 78 animations in PG version and 142 animations in Adult version. (tree not included)

This release is exclusive for Cosmopolitan from March 27th to April 8th.


Tree Bench – CHEZ MOI@ Cosmopolitan


CHEZ MOI – Delightful Gazebo

CHEZ MOI created the Delightful Gazebo

Cozy and comfortable Gazebo ideal for gardens and outdoor areas. Perfect for families!
It comes with 120 animations (PG version) and 184 animations (Adult version)

This release is exclusive for Cosmopolitan from February 27th to March 11th.

Delightful Gazebo

Delightful Gazebo – CHEZ MOI@ Cosmopolitan