Salt & Pepper created the sexy Rebel gacha set. There are 18 commons and 2 rares in the set. The jacket and the boots are the rares in this set. All the rares in this set have a color changing hud. But the commons are also certainly worth it because it’s a sensual bodysuit,harness and sexy stockings. You can wear this set with the maitreya Lara, slink Hourglass and the Belleza Freya body. This release is for The Epiphany from January 15th – to February 15th

Quistis on the left is wearing beautiful Exile hair called Slow Dancing. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. The hairstyle is no modify. That means that you can not move or edit the hair. This hairstyle comes with a optional flower and has a accessories hud where you can change the color of the cap in 10 different colors. This release is available at Collabor88  from January 8th – February 6th.

Angel on the right is wearing Exile hair called Relentless. This hair includes a special bento version which means the hair moves. This hairstyle is unrigged mesh that means that it’s modify. You can move the hair and you can resize the hair. This release is available at Collabor88 from January 8th – February 6th.

K&S creations created a sexy friendspose called Greater Willingness. You can unlink the pose so can edit it the way you like.  You can find this release in the mainstore or at marketplace.

SenZ, The Pleasures of Sensuality. Its’s a place, created to relax and to enjoy the more sensual side of Second Life. They highly encourage sex and watching or be watched having sex. There are several spaces with lots of different possibilities to explore and fulfill all your sensual fantasies, varying from an entertainment room where you can dance, more private places, an orgy room, and a Roman oriented space with a huge bath and showers. When you love to have an exciting and sensual time, you can find everything you need at Senz.

sensual foto 2020

Salt & Pepper – Rebel gacha set @  The Epiphany / The Epiphany Mirror

Exile – Slow Dancing @ Collabor88

Exile – relentless @ Collabor88

K&S Creations – Willingness @ K&S mainstore Marketplace store

SenZ – The pleasures of sensuality @ Senz


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