Quistis, on the left, is wearing lovely Wasabi Pills hair called Allegra. This hairstyle is no modify. That means that you can not move or edit the hair. You can find this release at the Ultra event from July 15 and will end August 16.

Angel on the right, is wearing great Wasabi Pills hair called Tsukiko. This hairstyle is also no modify. The hairstyle comes with a accessories hud where you can change the color of the hairband in 16 different colors and you can show and hide it. This release is for Kagami,  from July 17th – to August 28th.

Quistis on the left, is wearin pretty Izzie’s Omega Logo Quinn Bento lipstick and eyeschadow appliers. In the lipstick hud. You can choose from 12 colors in 2 shades = 24 colors). There are two versions lipstick appliers. The natural & glossy and the matte version. When you buy the eyeschaduw hud you can choose from 20 different colors. You can find these applier at Izzie’s mainstore or marketplace

Angel on the right, is wearing the beautiful Catwa Powder pack July. The powder pack included eyes, eyeschaduw and lipstick appliers. When you wear the moka eyes earthtones hud you can choose 8 different eye colors.  You can change the catwa eyes colors individually. When you wear the eyeshadows you can choose from 12 colors – 4 color schemes with different under eye shadow options. The lipstick applier hud has 5 different colors and 2 shades. You can find the Catwa Powder pack July in the Powder Pack store or at marketplace.

wasabi girls

Wasabi – Allegra @ Ultra Event

Wasabi – Tsukiko @ Kagami

Izzie’s – Omega Quinn Bento eyeschadow & lipstick appliers @ Izzie’s mainstore / Marketplace store

Izzie’s – Catwa Powder Pack July @ Powder Pack Store Marketplace store


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